Sample Conditioning Systems for LT-NIR

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On-Line Sample Conditioning Systems

Condition to Your Requirements

Sample conditioning can simplify difficult process measurements, increasing accuracy and making new measurments possible. They are a key part of online process monitoring for several processes and industries where difficult conditions make normal measurments fail. Be it Petroleum blending, hazardous materials, tiny quantities of pharmaceuticals at very low temperatures, or any other specific sample conditioning requirement LT-NIR can meet your conditioning needs. Contact us to learn more about our process systems and measurment options. At LT Industries, we do what it takes to make difficult measurements so that you have the process information you need for successful operaion.

Sample Conditioning with Gold Standard Reference

Sample conditioning systems (SCS) are designed for conditioning specific to your process needs. Flow rate control, temperature control, high pressure, multi-stream, reference standards, and alarm systems are only some of the SCS options available.

Key Benefits
  • Multiple, redundant streams reduce equipment down time
  • Simple long lasting design for high MTBF
  • Automation integrated with the analyzer system
  • Stream conditions are reported to both the analyzer and the DCS
  • Full onsite training, setup and support comes standard

LT-NIR standard sample conditioning systems inlcude a rugged spectrometer, fiber optic cable going to one or many Sample Conditioning Systems, sampling stations and a software package. The SCS's come equipped with the LT Industries patented AR-Cell or one of our many probes for measurement. Standard Sample Conditioning includes particle and contaminant removal, water or oil removal, flow control and temperature control.

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