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Parafuel - NIR Asphaltene Analyzer

Identify Asphaltene Precipitation Quickly and Easily

ParaFuel Asphaltene Analyzers from LT Industries are near-infrared (NIR) optical analyzers designed to find the asphaltene deposition point quickly, easily and accurately. The ParaFuel provides an automated sampling process with single button operation. Other key Crude Oil properties can be measured as well. Near-infared asphaltene analysis has inherent advantages of being fast & non-destructive and is a proven analysis technique. The savings in equipment cleaning and shutdown time can be tremendous.

LT-NIR products provide a significant return on investment by helping to prevent asphaltene associated downtime, increasing operating efficiency, and optimizing crude usage and blending. Furthermore, LT-NIR solutions are applied throughout the oil and fuels pipeline and value chain. Contact us today to learn more.

Asphaltene Analyzer Interface

  • Achieve optimal crude blending ratios and minimize the usage of high-value crudes
  • Simplify and reduce asphaltene precipitation testing
  • Reduce equipment cleaning associated with asphaltene deposition and keep production running
  • Measure the asphaltene agglomeration and precipitaion point quickly and accurately without without the need for calibration
  • Get real-time, automated results on an easy to use interface
  • Full array of support hardware
  • Improve process control and automation by integrating the Parafuel Analyzer into your existing control system
  • Standard remote diagnosis feature
  • Low acquisition cost and low usage cost
System Components:
  • Rapid-scanning spectrometer with built-in dynamic wavelength referencing system and intersystem calibration-match hardware.
  • Bubble-Shedding probe with special chemically resistant optics
  • Multiplexer for many insitu analysis points
  • Two-meter (nominal) jacketed fiber optic cable, five meter option
  • Computer Interface Software (and DCS interface software for online systems)
  • Installation and on-site training
  • One Year Warranty
  • Complete Documentation
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Parafuel Asphaltene Analyzer