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IsoPharm - NIR Fermentation Analysis System

In-Situ Fermentation Measurements

IsoPharm Fermentation analyzers from LT Industries are high performance analyzers designed for use in Microbial Fermentation production and R&D laboratories. They can be used for both laboratory and InSitu Fermentation measurement of many parameters. Useful on both R&D scale as well as large volume production scale analysis and process control. Get protein, glucose, acetate, and many other key Fermentation process parameters in real-time. The fermentation analyzer provides measurement results in seconds, in the lab, on-line, and automated.

The IsoPharm, LT Industries’ NIR Fermentation analysis system is built to provide the best price/performance value in the NIR field. The IsoPharm also conforms to the critical GMP/Validation requirements. It’s small, fast and inexpensive -- and can be used for developing calibration libraries a wide range of Fermentation properties. The IsoPharm also includes a patented system to assure seamless transfers from R&D to large scale production.

  • Long, protected fiber optics
  • Low noise fiber and probe
  • Multiplexer for many insitu analysis points
  • Remote operation, on-the-spot answers
  • Absolutely easy-to-use software
  • Full array of support hardware
  • Supports bar code input and output
  • Standard remote diagnosis feature
  • Low acquisition cost and low usage cost
System Components:
  • Rapid-scanning NIR monochromator with built-in dynamic wavelength referencing system and intersystem calibration-match hardware.
  • Bubble-Shedding probe with special chemically resistant optics
  • Multiplexer for many insitu analysis points
  • Two-meter (nominal) jacketed fiber optic cable standard, longer lengths available up to 100+ meters
  • Computer Interface Software (and DCS interface software for online systems)
  • Installation and on-site training
  • One Year Warranty
  • Complete Documentation
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